Our Breakdown Cover - Things you may need to know...

What do our Policies do?

If your vehicle has broken down before you will know how inconvenient and expensive it can be. This might be due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown, a puncture, flat battery, putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle or even losing or breaking your keys. This is where our breakdown cover can help!

We aim to provide a wide range of options so that you can tailor the policy to your needs and budget - we don't want you to pay for something you don't need. We do however recognise that breakdown cover can be confusing so we try to provide as much clear information as possible below to help you make the right decision for you.

Our four cover levels are explained below.

This is our lowest cost option. We will assist you if you are anywhere in the UK but you must be more than a mile away from your home.

Our recovery agent will spend up to one hour providing Roadside Assistance so you can carry on your journey as planned. We manage to get 80% of vehicles moving again in that hour and our average response time means we get to you in less than an hour.

Sometimes a roadside repair cannot be completed, so we would recover your vehicle, the driver and up to 4 passengers to a local repairer, your destination or your original departure point. Please bear in mind that on our Local Breakdown Cover policy you are limited to a maximum recovery distance of 7 miles. If this is not suitable then you may wish to consider National Breakdown Cover.

This is the next step up. It includes the benefits of Local Breakdown Cover, so if you breakdown anywhere in the UK (more than a mile from home) we spend an hour trying to fix the fault. If the fault cannot be fixed at the roadside but can be in the same working day, we will recover you to the nearest garage within 7 miles.

If your vehicle cannot be repaired by the end of the working day we will either recover your vehicle, the driver and up to 4 passengers to your home or your original destination, arrange overnight accomodation (limits apply), or arrange a hire car for up to 2 days.

This is our highest level UK policy and includes Home Start protection, so you are covered at home and within a mile from it. No matter where you breakdown in the UK we will be there to assist you. You also receive the benefits of Local and National Recovery. We try to fix your vehicle's fault in an hour by the roadside.

If your car can't be repaired by the end of the working day we will recover your vehicle, the driver and up to 4 passengers to the nearest capable repairer within 7 miles. Alternatively we will recover everyone to your home, or original destination if you prefer and it is closer.

European Breakdown Cover provides all the assistance of our Full UK Breakdown Cover policy throughout 35 Countries in Europe, with some additional benefits.

We can either provide you with an annual policy. This permits you to take as many trips into Europe as you want during the term of the policy, providing the individual trips do not exceed 31 days and 90 days in total in the policy year. Alternatively, we can arrange cover for your holiday, excursion or journey to Europe lasting up to 90 days, with our Single Trip policy. Single Trip is available on vehicles up to 10 years old only. Vehicles up to 12 years old are eligible for Annual Cover.
So you will receive;

  • Up to 1 hour Roadside Assistance.
  • Local Recovery to the nearest garage within 7 miles.
  • Up to £100 Alternative Transport allowance.
  • Up to £250 Overnight Accommodation
  • Message Relay


Vehicle Breakdown Cover

This policy covers a specified vehicle no matter who is driving it. For example, you may want to cover yourself and your partner on your vehicle. These tend to cost less than personal policies.

Multi Vehicle Breakdown Cover

We offer cover for up to 4 vehicles on the same policy with additional vehicles receiving a discount from our normal price list. The vehicles must all be registered at the same address and must all be specified at the start of the policy.

Personal Breakdown Cover

Our personal cover policy covers the policyholder as a driver or passenger in any vehicle that could be covered under the terms of our vehicle based policies (e.g. within the age and dimension restrictions).

Family Breakdown Cover

We offer cover for up to 4 people on the same policy who live at the same address. Anyone named on the policy would be covered as a driver or passenger in any vehicle that could be covered under a vehicle based policy with us. On a policy covering three people we are currently offering a fourth person at no extra charge.

Voluntary Excess

You can add a voluntary excess to your breakdown policy in return for a discount of up to 40%. If you breakdown you would have to pay £35 on a debit or credit card (excluding AMEX) towards the cost of the assistance. This policy may be suitable for people who have not broken down for some time but want cover for their piece of mind. This is only currently available on UK cover policies.

What Vehicles can we Cover?

We cover cars, vans, mopeds and motorbikes of proprietary make, which weigh less than 3,500 kg (3.5 tonnes) and are no more than 5.18 metres (17 feet) long, 1.95 metres (6 feet 3 inches) wide and 2.44 metres (8 feet) height.

Unfortunately we cannot provide cover for Minibuses, hire and reward, taxis, courier services, motorhomes, horseboxes, or limousines.

With all our policies you get...

  • Roadside Assistance
    One of our recovery assistants will spend an hour trying to get your vehicle started by the side of the road and 80% of the time we are successful (this depends on the nature of your breakdown; if it is a serious problem we will be unable to fix it).
  • Local Recovery
    If your vehicle cannot be repaired in an hour we will recover you to the nearest garage, your destination of your original departure point within 20 miles.
  • Message Relay
    We will make up to two calls to your family or place of work to let them know about your breakdown.
  • Misfuelling Cover
    We include Misfuelling cover with all of our policies. We will recover you to the nearest suitable garage within 7 miles.

With all our policies except Local Breakdown Cover you also get;

  • Alternative Transport
    If you breakdown more than 50 miles from home and your vehicle cannot be repaired the same day, we will pay up to £50 per day for a hire vehicle for up to 2 days.Or,
  • Overnight accommodation:
    If staying with your vehicle is a better option we can reimburse up to £75 (including VAT) per person and £250 in total.


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